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Buyer's Guide: Toilets

A toilet gets a lot of use so it’s important to get the right one for you. There is a variety of shapes and styles such as close-coupled, wall-hung, back-to-wall, corner, and high and low rise.

They come in a wide range of shapes and styles, from classic elegant traditional shapes to more sleek modern minimalistic styles.

Close-coupled toilet

Close-coupled toilets are floor standing with a visible cistern behind the seat. This is the most common type of toilet you will see. They are ‘close coupled’ as the bowl and cistern are closely together, as opposed to style that is more traditional where the cistern was high up on the wall.

The flush mechanism can be either a modern chrome button or a traditional handle. Dual flush is a feature many toilets have which has the option of a reduced water flush to save water.

Back to Wall toilet

With back to wall toilets the cistern is concealed within a wall partition or a furniture unit. Very common in contemporary bathroom design and can provide space saving options alongside storage units.

Wall Hung toilet

Wall hung toilets appear to float above the floor with no visible cistern or pedestal, great for those looking for a modern look. Similar to the back to wall toilets they have a concealed cistern.

Tip: Know your soil pipe direction! The soil pipe needs to be connected to the soil stack, which is the outflow pipe for your sewage. Close-coupled toilets can be connected horizontally, vertically or to the left or right, whereas back to wall toilets can only be connected horizontally or vertically. Check the position of your soil stack so you know which toilets you can choose from.

High-Level toilet

Known for their traditional look, high level toilets have the cistern mounted high up on the wall with a long flush pipe that connects to the pan. They also usually come with a chain pull flush.

Low-Level toilet

These are similar to a high level toilet in design however the cistern is positioned lower on the wall than with a high level toilet.

Corner toilet

Corner toilets come with a triangle shaped cistern and are great for small spaces such as en-suites and cloakroom toilets.

Comfort height toilet

These toilets measure around 5cm higher than standard toilets to provide more comfort for the user. Great options for taller, elderly or less mobile people.

Tip: Toilet seat features to look out for;

  • Quick release hinges – for easy cleaning

  • Soft close – no more slamming the lid down, helping to reduce wear and tear

  • Finishes – Classic white, black or wood finishes

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