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Accessorize your bathroom

Your choice of bathroom accessories can add personality alongside convenience to your bathroom. With accessories being incredibly user-friendly and stylish. Don't overlook your accessories when planning your new beautiful bathroom.


Toilet roll holders come freestanding or wall-hung and are an essential accessory in your bathroom for convenience. Metal accessories are highly durable and stylish.


There's nothing more annoying than knocking your shampoo off the side of the bath or having to bend down to pick up your shower gel from the corner of the shower tray. Shower caddies or in-shower shelving help keep the clutter contained and in reach as well as eliminating the need to bend in the shower.

Shelves are a great place to store your bathroom products and can add extra style to your bathroom. Options such as striking corner glass shelves or triple tier shelving add personality and functionality to your bathrooms


A soap dispenser is a subtle finishing touch and are available in a range of modern and traditional styles. They can also help save on plastic waste as they can be refilled with bulk purchased hand wash!


No longer do you have to hang towels over the bath or corner of the sink when you have towel rails or rings. Towel rings in particular add a convenient and stylish touch next to the sink.


Hooks come with the handy convenience of a towel rail while allowing you to also hang other bathroom items or clothing such as robes, loofahs and sponges.

Small individual hooks are very handy for hanging robes and clothing on the back of doors or can be utilised well in smaller bathrooms or cloakrooms.


If you're a fan of long relaxing soaks in the tub with a book or a cheeky glass of wine. Over bath trays can add a real luxurious feel to your personal time in the bath.


Keep your toilet squeaky clean with a toilet brush cleaner next to the toilet. These come wall mounted or floor standing. Its worth splashing out and good quality one as this item tends to get alot of use.


Ensure your toothbrush is kept safe and clean in a toothbrush holder. Nobody likes picking up a still-damp toothbrush off the side of the sink. A toothbrush holder will help your toothbrush dry between uses and keep it as hygienic as possible..


On-shower hooks are brilliant for smaller spaces to keep your towels off the floor and at a convenient distance for grabbing after showering.


Bathroom mirrors can help streamline your beauty or hygiene routine in the bathroom. Available freestanding or wall-mounted in a range of styles and finishes, add this to your essentials bathroom list.


Grab bars are useful, secure ways to safely get yourself in and out of your shower or bath. They are particularly useful for those with poor mobility and come in a variety styles.


Bathroom bins are often overlooked but we often end up accumulating rubbish in our bathroom from cotton buds to empty hygiene products. A bin is a convenient accessory that saves you running to another room to dispose of your rubbish.


Bath mats ensure you don't get a slippery bathroom floor on exiting the tub or shower. They can also be a feature to personalize and decorate your bathroom in your own style.

The accessories in this post are from Millers bathroom with a large range on display at Allbits Bathroom Showroom Strood.


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