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A Feature Wall in your bathroom

A decorative wall in a bathroom can really add a striking feature element and help avoid a clinical sterile bathroom look. Wall art has been a rising trend in bathrooms with designers being bold with their colour and pattern choices. It is a way to make a wall intriguing, contemporary and bold, adding character to your bathing space.

A feature wall tends to go well accompanies by neutral colours on your remaining walls, allowing for experimentation in your design without overwhelming the space.

A feature wall can be utilised equally effectively to both smaller and larger rooms. Family bathrooms and cloakrooms alike can be enhanced by a feature wall as the key visual interest in your room! They can be used as a backdrop for a freestanding bath or to highlight colours in your fitted bathroom furniture.

You can create a feature wall with wallpaper, paint or artwork but the leader in features walls is hands down the decorative Wall panel.

Wall Panels

Wall panels provide a convenient and visually stunning way to add a feature wall to your bathroom. Benefits include them being cost effective, very easy to clean and reduced installation time due to them being cut to size.

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