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Bathroom Mirrors Inspiration

Bathroom mirrors are not only essential fixtures, but they can also be feature pieces of design adding style to your bathroom. They can also incorporate storage, lighting, demisters and charging ports making them functional and practical!

Types of bathroom mirrors

Different types and styles of bathroom mirrors are available including;

  • Mirrored vanity units

  • Folded corner mirrors

  • Concave or convex mirrors

  • Illuminated mirrors

  • Heated mirrors

  • Magnifying mirrors

Additional Features on Mirrors

Modern mirrors now come with a range of functional features to enhance your hygiene routine. These include options such as;

  • Storage space & shelves

  • Shaver/toothbrush sockets

  • Demister pads

  • Lighting

  • Motion sensor switches

Mirrored Vanity Units

Mirrored doors on a vanity unit are a brilliant way to add extra storage to your bathroom in an easy to reach location, helping to eliminate bathroom clutter.

Corner Mirrors

A popular space-saving solution is the corner mirror paired with a corner basin. This helps create the illusion of more space in smaller bathrooms as well as providing extra storage if a vanity unit.

Concave or Convex Mirrors (+ Circular mirrors)

Most mirrors are flat 'plane' mirrors that reflect images in true-to-life proportions, whereas concave & convex mirrors are spherical and angled creating the illusion of space in the mirror. Concave mirrors give the illusion of depth in a room whereas convex mirrors can make the image appear smaller and create an unusual center of attention.

Circular mirrors that are true-to-life proportions can really help contrast the harsh lines of other bathroom furniture and fixtures.

Illuminated Mirrors

Illuminated mirrors come in a range of sizes, shapes, and styles and can help improve lighting in a bathroom with limited natural light. Popular types have built-in lights surrounding the mirror or lights down the sides or top of the mirror frame.

Heated Mirrors

A common bathroom annoyance is a steamed mirror after taking a relaxing shower. No need to worry about steaming again with a heated bathroom mirror!

Magnifying Mirrors

A magnifying mirror can make our daily hygiene or beauty routine easier. They provide a zoomed-in reflective image, handy for shaving, plucking, and applying creams & makeup. They are most commonly attached to extendable arms next to a larger bathroom mirror.

How big should my mirror be?

A mirror a few centimeters less than your sink is generally considered the most appealing with the height being determined by your ceiling height and your own height. However this doesn't have to be followed, a big bathroom mirror can be a feature piece in the bathroom! Larger mirrors can also make the room appear more light and airy.

How can i make my mirror a feature?

Having a feature wall surrounding a mirror can make a striking and modern design feature in your bathroom. Mosaic tile splashbacks can also have a similar effect.

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