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Buyer's Guide: Bathroom Accessories

Your choice of bathroom accessories can really bring your bathroom design together cohesively and help truly make your bathroom feel your own. When choosing accessories think about the day-to-day functions your bathroom will fulfil as well as your overall style preference (traditional? Modern? Chrome? Black?)

Consider the following bathroom accessory options for your bathroom;

  • Mirrors & Mirrored Cabinets

  • Towel Rails & Rings

  • Grab Rails

  • Hooks

  • Soap & Shampoo/Conditioner dispensers

  • Soap dishes

  • Toilet Roll holders

  • Toothbrush holder

  • Additional Storage

  • Extractor Fans

Mirrors & Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrors introduce light and a sense of spaciousness into your bathroom. They are considered a bathroom essential were brushing, shaving and washing are a daily occurrence!

Bathroom mirrors and mirrored cabinets are wipe clean and often come with inbuilt lights for convenience as well as other features such as shelves and charging sockets.

Towel Rails & Rings

Towel rails come both heated and as simple wall-mounted or floor standing accessories. Heated towel rails come with the added benefit of drying towels quickly in what can be the tricky moist atmosphere of a bathroom. They also keep the bathroom warm in the depths of winter!

Simple towel rails and rings are functional as well as decorative and available in a range of styles and sizes to fit any bathroom.

Grab Rails

Grab rails (grab bars) are practical and durable increasing accessibility and safety when accessing the bathing space. They are also ideal for people with limited mobility such as the elderly or those with disabilities. They come in different lengths and materials.


Bathroom hooks are a convenient way to hang clothes, robes or towels out of the way and most importantly off the floor! They are most often single or double and easy to install.

Soap & Shampoo/Conditioner Dispensers

Liquid dispensers, particularly wall-hung can make washing easy, convenient and economical, as the soap used is regulated eliminating waste! They also help keep the bathroom free of plastic bottles cluttering surfaces.

Soap Dishes

Slippery soap bars can be a pain to store so having a soap dish can them much easier to manage in the bathroom! A well-designed soap dish will also airflow to the bottom of the soap allowing the soap to dry effectively so it doesn’t become a clammy unusable mush.

Toiler Roll and Brush holders

Toilet roll holders keep your toilet roll accessible and at hand. Some also come with additional storage for your spare rolls. They are available freestanding or wall mounting in a huge range of designs and styles.

Toilet brush holders keep this essential toilet cleaning device contained and within easy reach.

Toothbrush holders

Having a toothbrush holder helps keep your toothbrush out of the way of splashes and in an upright position to encourage it to dry reducing moisture and the chance for bacterial growth.


If you have fitted bathroom furniture, it’s much easier to incorporate storage into your bathroom design.

Additional storage options include shelves, mirrored cabinets and freestanding storage units.

Bathroom Shelves

Bathroom shelves provide not only a place for storage but also décor as well. Typically positioned above as sink or below a mirror they can hold bathroom essentials like perfumes, toothbrushes and beauty products as well as decorative ornaments or plants!

Shower Caddies

Shower caddies can be placed inside or outside of the shower enclosure/space to add even more storage and easy access to beauty and hygiene products when showering or bathing,


Keeping the bathroom tidy is easy with a simple sleek bathroom bin. An easy to overlook accessory but vital.

Extractor Fans

Brilliant and preventing mould in its tracks, an extractor fan can be an absolute essential in small bathrooms or bathrooms with poor ventilation (windowless!). They can be placed in the bathroom window, wall or ceiling to extract moisture and prevent it from accumulating in your bathroom. Some even come with humidity sensors to start automatically when moisture levels rise to high.

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