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Buyer's Guide: Taps

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Choosing matching taps for your bath and basin can really link your overall bathroom design together. This guide will take you through the different types of taps available for both basins and baths.

Taps are made from a brass body that’s most popularly plated in chrome or gold, but other finishes are available like black, nickel, or brushed steel! The body of the tap contains either a ceramic disc cartridge or a standard valve, which then attaches to the handle resulting in your functioning tap.

Before you choose your taps, it’s important to know the water system in your home and whether it is high pressure or low pressure.

Tip: Our buyer's guide for showers has a detailed explanation of water pressure and how to work out what water system is in your home. Click here to see that guide.

Tip: All of the following tap types come in both modern and traditional styles!

Basin Taps

Basin Mixer taps

Mixer taps are designed for basins with one tap hole. They most often come in a monobloc style and have a single lever handle to control both the temperature and flow of the water. They mix the water whilst it's flowing for better temperature control when compared to pillar taps which have two separate streams for hot and cold water. Two-handle mixer taps are also a popular choice!

Tip: Mixer taps requiring only one tap hole often offer a ‘neater’ and more modern look than pillar taps.

Tip: Mixer taps are ideal for family homes as they are a good preventative measure against scalding

Tip: Basin mixer taps also come in two and three hole designs.

Tip: Single-lever mixer taps are easy to use and have improved temperature control compared to pillar taps.

Tip: High-rise basin monoblock taps but is taller in design and is used for mounting to a surface, therefore great for countertop sinks!

Tip: Waterfall taps have an open spout which creates a cascading water effect.

Wall Mounted Basin Taps

These taps are designed to be fitted to the wall, which requires concealing the pipework within the wall. It focuses on a sleek, streamlined, and often minimalistic aesthetic.

Tip: Wall mounted taps are best suited to sinks with no tap holes such as countertop basins

Non-concussive taps

These taps are self-closing and aimed at commercial use like offices or public spaces

Basin Pillar Taps

These are for two tap-hole basins and come in pairs, one for the hot water and one for the cold water.

Tip: They are easy to fit, an economical option and come in a wide range of styles.


Bath Filler and Bath Shower Mixer Taps

A mixer tap allows the water to mix in the body of the tap allowing improved temperature control compares to bath pillar taps. They come either to be attached via holes in the bath or wall mounted.

Bath Shower Mixer Taps have a bath filler tap, which is either attached to the bath via holes or wall mounted, as well as a shower handset and hose for easy showering in the bath.

Three/Four hole Bath taps

These taps feature individual handles for hot and cold water as well as a waterspout.

Freestanding bath taps

These are designed specifically for use with freestanding baths and some designs come with a shower handset.

Bath Pillar Taps

They work in the same way as basin filler taps, however, fit into bathtubs with two holes.

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