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Buyer's Guide: Baths

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

The bath is often a central feature of the room so it needs to deliver style and practicality. They are often designed for comfort, aesthetic appeal, and even for small spaces

Types of Bath

Popular types of baths include recessed/alcove baths, free standing baths, corner baths, whirlpool baths, shower baths, and steel baths.

Tip: Feel free to get in a try out the size of the bath in store!

Alcove Bath

Recessed or alcove baths are the most well-known design and popular choice. They are installed against a wall on two or three sides and are most commonly produced in acrylic or fiberglass. They often can be fitted with showers over them for space saving convenience.

Tip: Single-ended or double-ended? A single-ended bath has taps at one end and is the type found in most homes. A double-ended bath usually has the taps centrally so you are more easily able to sit on both sides of the bath.

Tip: If you’re choosing a recessed bath with a shower overhead don’t forget your shower screen!

Shower Bath

Well suited for smaller bathrooms is the shower bath. This bath is great for providing both showering and bathing needs in a small space. They are also useful for creating extra space if your bathroom feels cramped with both a bath and shower enclosure.

Tip: Shower baths are often called P-shaped baths or L-shaped baths. The L shape has a more angular look whereas the P shape has a more curved appearance.

Corner Bath

Corner baths are a great space saving option as they can be tucked into corners where a rectangular bath would simply not fit. They come in many shapes and sizes and the curved front offers a smoother aesthetic than the angular look of standard baths.

Freestanding bath

A free standing bath is often a centerpiece in a bathroom. The epitome of traditional luxury and opulence if the space is available to install one.

Vintage style roll top baths tend to be slipper shaped or roll topped stood on claw feed to be raised off the ground. Whereas contemporary versions offer a thinner rim, are usually double ended, and sit neatly on the floor.

Steel bath

Made from hard wearing and durable steel they often have a selection of different enamels. Benefits of a steel bath include increased resistance to breakages and scratches, longevity and stability.

Whirlpool bath

Do you want a spa like environment in your bathroom? Known for their relaxing qualities and hydrotherapy health benefits such as comforting aches and pains, whirlpool baths have become a popular addition to many bathrooms. They come with a range of options such as water jets, wellness systems, underwater lighting and even sound systems.

Bath Screens

If you choose to have a shower over your bath a bath screen will keep water inside the tub and off of the floor. Bath screens are made of toughened safety glass and are often anti-limescale treated for easier cleaning.

Bath Screens come in a few different formats. Most commonly they open outwards as a normal door would and are a single panel of glass on a hinged or pivoting frame. Next are two panel in-fold bath screens which have a fixed panel of glass with a smaller infolding panel designed to provide extra showering area yet still provide easy access to the bath,

Three and four in-fold bath screens, which have three or four glass panels respectively, fold in on themselves providing clear access to the bath but still providing a large showering area and protecting against spilled water when unfolded.

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