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Keep your bathroom Warm this Winter

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

As autumn and winter roll on in, a bathroom can be one of the rooms in the house that really feels the cold. So here at Allbits we've put together these tips on how to make your bathroom feel warmer as the colder months creep in.

Freestanding Bath

Bleed your bathroom radiators and towel rail

This is one of those simple jobs that often gets pushed down the housework list or forgotten altogether but it is often one of the simplest and best solutions to ensuring your bathroom and home stay warm this winter.

A cat keeping warm on a radiator

Radiators and towel rails need to be bled to work as efficiently as possible. If you have noticed your radiators are taking a long time to warm up or only heating in certain sections such as at the bottom, that's a key indicator your radiators need bleeding.

How do you bleed your radiators/towel rails?

radiator bleed key
  1. Start downstairs on the radiators furthest from the heating system then continue upstairs

  2. Ensure your heating is off and your radiators are cold before you start

  3. Hold an old cloth, or a jug, under the bleed valve, and insert the bleed key. (these are cheap and available for sale at the Allbits Trade counter)

  4. Turn anti-clockwise until air starts escaping (you'll hear a hissing noise).

  5. When water starts to escape, turn the key clockwise to re-tighten the valve.

  6. Repeat on all your other radiators

Heating options

How can you keep your bathroom warm? There are three main ways;

  1. Heated towel rails

  2. Radiators

  3. Underfloor heating

Bathroom heated Towel rail

For smaller and average-sized bathrooms towel rails are the perfect solution to keep your bathroom warm. And is there any better feeling than a warm towel on a frosty morning?

Bath Bathroom heated towel rail

If you have a larger-than-average bathroom heated flooring could be too costly so a mix of heated towel rails and radiators can help keep your bathroom warm and dry.

Underfloor heating is the luxurious option which will transform your bathroom into a cosy space to be. It takes up no extra room and can be particularly effective in smaller spaces.

Ventilation System

When designing your bathroom think about ventilation. The default seems to be cracking a window but this can leave you feeling chilly in the colder months. There are better ways!

bathroom ventilation system

Photo: HIB Ventelaition

Ventilation systems such as extractor fans are available which are a quick and efficient way of drawing air out of the room without quickly losing heat. They will help retain the heat, remove condensation and remove bad smells from the bathroom. They can also help extend the life of your bathroom by reducing condensation and mould build up in your bathroom.

bathroom ventilation system HIB

Photo: HIB Ventelaition

Replace sealant on windows

Windows can be one of the biggest culprits for letting unwanted cold air into your bathroom.

Check your frames, over time the silicone sealant around window edges can deteriorate or crack leaving gaps for cold air to enter and heat to be lost. If they are looking leaky reseal your windows with a good-quality sealant or weatherstripping. It costs very little and can done as a simple DIY job or with the help of a tradesman.

Materials & Colour Scheme

If you're starting the process of revamping your bathroom, it's the perfect time to consider the types of materials and colours you are using. The material choices and colours of your bathroom can influence the 'warmth feel' of it. Wood finishes and warm, darker or earthy colours such as brass, copper, browns, ochre, cinnamon, olive greens or matt blacks can help add visual depth and warmth to your bathroom.

A popular alternative to chilly tiled floors is stone and wood effect vinyl floorings that is chic, has simplified installation and warmer on the feet.

Add rugs and bath mats

Don't forget your bath mats and rugs to cover nippy bathroom floors. Cosy bathmats not only provide a safe and slip preventing surface to step out of the shower onto but they also visually add warmth and dimetion to your decor.

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